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About Us

Empower 1 is about restoring what has been broken. Transformation seeks to see individuals Empower 1 in their identity and vocations, helping them realize they are made in God's image and they have gifts to contribute to society. From a Christian perspective, the goal of transformation involves seeking positive change in the whole of human life: materially, socially, emotionally and spiritually, as we recover our true identity as human beings, created in the image of God, and to discover our true vocation as productive stewards, faithfully caring for our world and its people.

our mission

Our mission is to facilitate community transformation through economic, social, and spiritual programs.


our vision

Our Vision

•To see lives CHANGED, families RESTORED, neighborhoods REVITALIZED, and inspire HOPE for the next generation.


our values

Our values are rooted in the belief that transformation is different from simple change:


Transformation - a change in all areas of an individual’s knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behavior in all areas of their life; physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and intellectual.

  • God is actively involved in this change, which is the underlying factor for long-term transformation to take place.  

  • Because of the changes in individuals as they come together they, begin to transform their neighborhood from the inside out.

Mutual interests – where the dreams of the community meet the calling & capacity of the church, in harmony with God's mandates

  • Recognize "common grace" of God's work outside of the church

  • Learn from goals & methods of good secular initiatives.

  • Align agendas around common ground of the church and neighborhood.

Relationships (horizontal) and prayer (vertical) are key to fruitful intersection between communities’ dreams and kingdom goals.

  • Every person has opportunity to make an informed decision about Christ.

our strategy

Our strategy aligns with the mission of the organization for community transformation.


Transformed individual lives in all areas of life: physical, spiritual, social, and emotional.

  • There should be increased knowledge, skills, and resources working for shared benefits in individuals throughout the neighborhood.

  • Those individual lives will transform other peoples’ lives; thereby, multiplying the results throughout a neighborhood, in order for the neighborhood to be transformed from the inside out.

  • People should be taking more responsibility in all areas for their own lives

The program must be integrated into the neighborhood infrastructure, with the neighborhood leaders taking responsibility for it. New leaders are emerging neighborhood-by-neighborhood.

  • There is a growing sense of community.

  • People should see the program as their own and not belonging to an outside agency 

  • The program should be neighborhood funded and continues after any outside assistance has left the neighborhood.

  • There should be an improvement in social indicators such as less crime and divorce with an improvement in education and economics in the neighborhood.

​The program should continue on and expand to adjacent areas through local training teams, after the initial training team leaves

  • The entire city is being transformed in all spheres of life neighborhood-by neighborhood.


our initiatives

Our initiatives will involve leadership, outreach, family and empowerment in the community:


Leadership in Community

  • Asset Based Community Development  

  • Economic and Business Development  

  • Educational and Awareness Forums  

  • Community Business Round Tables

Outreach in Community

  • CommUnity L.I.F.E.Groups  

  • Media Campaigns (i.e. Do Something)  

  • Community Prayer  

  • Community Events (i.e. Community Alive)  

  • Life Through The Arts  

  • Community Ambassadors / City Missionaries

Family in Community

  • L.I.F.E. Project (Family Restoration Programs)  

  • Housing (mixed income base)  

  • Getting Ahead Classes

Empowerment in Community

  • Life skills and personal leadership classes  

  • Mentor-ship / Allies 

  • Economic Enrichment  

  • GED Classes


our outcomes

Our model for neighborhood transformation will occur with a 5-year outlook and will include desired outcomes of:

  • Healthy people  

    • Good hygiene practices.  

    • People coming to a personal relationship with Christ and growing in their walk with Him  

    • People employed in meaningful employment  

    • More adults with a GED.  

    • Most homes worshiping the Lord.  

    • Christians walking the talk found in Luke 10:27  

    • Reduction in abuse among family members.  

  • Healthy neighborhoods  

    • Well-built and maintained homes and apartments.  

    • Streets and yards not clogged with junk cars and other junk.  

    • Unity and cooperation among the neighborhood members.  

    • Streets that are clean and a good system for garbage disposal.  

    • An organized neighborhood association.  

    • A well-planned layout, with good drainage.  

    • Absence of bars and gambling.  

    • A sports complex and youth clubs.  

    • No drug dealing or prostitution in their neighborhood.  

    • Greatly reduced or non-existent crime.

  • Healthy communities  

    • People doing programs together.  

    • A good primary school.  

    • Children are up to grade standard.  

    • Basic services which are accessible to everyone.  

    • Christian churches reaching out holistically to their neighbors.  

    • Adequate income for everyone.  

    • Neighbors knowing and reaching out to their neighbors.  

    • Neighborhood members who serve voluntarily.  

    • People living in harmony with each other, helping each other.  

    • A variety of social activities. 

    • An adequate communication system.  

    • A can-do attitude proud of what they have accomplished.  

    • Some volunteer visitors and neighborhood association members have been trained as trainers and are taking NT to nearby communities.

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