Become A Sponsor

Our donors help to transform the community by providing the funds necessary to keep our organization strong and running smoothly. You can give a little or a lot.  Every little bit helps, but the more you give, the more we can do to put your hard-earned dollars to work to take back our city.  Here is a breakdown of how and where your dollars would be used:


sponsor a family

One Year- $5,000

Half Year- $2,500


Sponsor a youth home

One Year- $7,000

Half Year- $3,500


purchase a home

$15,000 - $25,000


rehab a home

Full House- $15,000/$25,000

Half House- $7,500/$12,500

Adopt A Room- $1,000/$2,500

We appreciate your financial support.  Your gift in any amount will go a long way in helping Empower 1 to achieve its vision to see lives CHANGED, families RESTORED, and neighborhoods REVITALIZED.

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