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The Hope House Family Program is a partnerships between Empower 1, Cherry Street Mission Ministries and local churches and ministries. Hope Houses are designed to minister to families with a holistic approach.  Hope House will provide families with a structured program while living in a safe, alcohol / drug-free transitional home.  The goal of Hope House is to see families transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to coordinate the successful reintegration of healthy families into the community. Through advocacy, community (local church) and an exchange of services, families will find value, importance and love. This is achieved through a range of services personalized to the families’ needs and providing a stable, supportive environment along with the time needed for families to transition to permanent housing.  The program is designed to help each member of the family overcome life barriers (Financial, lack of affordable and available housing options, and week or no support system) that will hinder their progress and success in the community.


The services will include, but not limited to:

  • Family Advocacy

  • Mentorship and Discipleship

  • Self-Reliance Development

  • Personal leadership  

  • Education (GED, College prep)   

  • Workplace development 

  • Employment referral    

  • Life Skills     

  • Money Management Skills     

  • Parenting Skills     

  • Permanent Housing Referrals

  • Building community through the local church

    •   Sunday School Classes for infants through adults 

    • Worship Service 

    • Children's and Youth Ministry 

    • Men's Bible Study 

    • Women's Bible Study

    • After School Klub 

    • Elective/non-regular opportunities:

      • Marriage Encounter Weekend Sacred Family Small Group 

      • Sacred Marriage Small Group 

      • Dave Ramsey Financial Course

The Hope House is an intentional, individual transitional housing program. The families occupy and are responsible for their own units and household duties. They will receive encouragement and support from Empower1 and local church Staff through Advocacy and coaching, bi-monthly House Meetings, and Bible Study. Families are required to meet weekly with their Family Coach assigned from Empower 1 and local church Staff to develop these skills and to remain accountable in reaching their goals. Each family can reside at Hope House with a one-year to three-year family plan that includes monthly progress evaluations and biyearly needs assessment.

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