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​Project IGNITE provides 4 distinct and progressive housing models for young men and women between the ages of 16-24.  Through our strategic connections with the community and the church we are able to provide an individualized plan for each youth that enters our program.  Each individual plan will include:

  • Life-coaching classes

  • Mentoring

  • Education planning

  • Workplace development

  • Discipleship

We want to help young adults understand:

  • What it means to have community responsibility

We want to encourage them:

  • To build a capacity for a greater impact in their future life

This program is for at-risk young men and women who are experiencing troubles in their life due to criminal activity, poverty/homelessness, unsafe home environments, or similar situations who need some help refocusing their lives in the right direction so they can become productive members of society.  Each program participant must agree to live in a safe, alcohol and drug-free environment.


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